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The only things that you can't find in Kefalonia are boredom and lack of interest. Leaving the island the visitors will have experienced the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. That's why this island is called “the Emerald of the Ionian”. Kefalonia combines the mountain and the sea, something that turns it into a charismatic island. What are the most important sights not to be missed during the visit?

Let's find out together... Melissani Lake or Melissani Cave is a mixture of sea water and sweet water. Its depth is up to 39 m and it has stalactites 16,000-20,000 years old. Excavations brought to light findings of the 3rd and 4th century which reveal the worship of God Pan and the Nymphes. Drogarati Caveis a wonder of nature with stalactites and stalagmites hundreds of years old and brilliand acoustics, ideal for concerts. Argostoli, the capital of the island, is full of picturesque alley and neoclassical houses, samples of the architecture of the Ionian Islands in the same area there are the Katavothresan unusual geological feature, where the water enters and flows inland up to Melissani Lakethere is also the Agioi Theodoroi Lighthouse built in 1828, staring at Lixouri which offers one of the most romantic sunsets of Greece.

On the way to Porosone of the island's ports, visitors can admire St George's castle which stands dashing since the 12th century and was the first numerous city of the island, as well as the St Gerasimos Monastery where the relics of the Saint are kept. In the north side of the island we can find the cosmopolitan Fiscardo and the magnificent village of Assoslocated in the imposing peninsula, surrounded by beautiful coastal scenery and the well-preserved castle. LixouriLixouri, second biggest city of Kefalonia, It has its own beauty and attractions like Kounopetra, Kipoureon Monastery and the Library.

For those who love mountains Ainos offers gorgeous trekking paths, black firs and a rare horse breed. The Ainos horses are used to visiting our villages during the winter. Picturesque villages, bell towers, flowers, squares, bougainvilleas, colours, life... And when temperatures rise, all we have to do is swim in the crystal clear waters of the sea, most of them awarded with blue flags.

Myrtos with the white pebbles, Makrys Gialos with the plushy sand, Antisamos with the trees trying to touch the sea, Koroni with a scent of Carribean, Xi beach with the red sand excellent for skin peeling and the beautiful beach of Skala with length more than 5 km, will satisfy even the most demanding visitors.

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