The History Behind the Legend

Kephalonia... the island of Kephalos... According to legend founder of Kephalonia was the legendary Kephalos, who arrived there as a refugee from Athens. The island is even connected to the resourceful Odysseus, whose achievements were sung by the epic poet Homer. The Kephallines are destinctively mentioned by the ancient poet as the people whose leader was Odysseus. Kephalonia has been inhabited since the palaiolithic era, that's why it has such a long history. Its sea, climate and soil made it soon a commercial base and a source of agricultural wealth.

From ancient Greeks to Romans and Byzantines, from Normands to Venetians and French. All these tribes formed the island's culture, particular physiognomy and tradition. Music... Art... Linguistic idioms... Flavours...

Our region experienced the cruelty of people and natural phenomena. From the World War II up to the desastrous earthquake in 1953 that ruined everything. It was reborn and risen, however, from its remains because the same powers that razed it to the ground, reformed it, too.

That's how this place is... Inexhaustible.. Self-made... Restless...